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Casual Accessories Look


Here is my casual fall weekend look, that is what probably I would wear on the day off for a coffee or movie night out with a fiend. The main focus in this look is on accessories: sunglasses, scarf and a belt bag. So let`s start from them.

Belt bag by Magdalena Ba, you can find it here or on Instagram 

Scarf by Sasha Berry here

Sunglasses by Givenchy

Moto Jacket by BLANKNYC

Cashmere sweater by Chloe

Cartier ring

Tiger iPhone 7 Case by Sonix on

Adidas Shoes

Victoria Beckham jeans

Givenchy nail polish

Bridal and special occasion shopping guide


The wedding season is a never ending story and Autumn weddings are really something! I have found a website both for brides and guests and just for beautiful nights out where one can shop amazing dresses! There is a big range of classical white wedding dresses  on Moda Bridal, so that every bride will find there something for herself. I wish you a happy shopping! Below are some of my favorite styles!


On the website you will see so many different types and shapes of wedding dresses, all possible styles in one place! Check my pick here.  Tulle element in wedding dresses looks very traditional, check more styles here.


I am also very into lace and open backs for wedding, but at the same time very classical shapes, here is my another favorite pick. Chiffon dresses in my opinion look very modern and look beautiful on every body type, check them here.


Bridesmaids will also look fabulous, take a look at this dress here.


Travel with Style


You will never see so many new people in one place as in the airport. We are waiting for check in💺, leaving our luggages🛄 , standing in the waiting lines and what can we do during that time ? Well, we either stare in our phones or at other people. ✈️✈️✈️ I personally love to be inspired by someone else’s fabulouse sense of style in the airport, because this is truly the place where one can show it. The airport is making you to mix something you are very comfortable in with something that can make a statement in your whole outfit. It can be a hat or a scarf , sunglasses , a bag and so on. I found some stylish looks celebs were wearing for their flights ! Take a look and be inspired and don’t be afraid to experiment, because a lot of people will see it and who knows, maybe you will make someone to wear brighter colors or get out of his or her comfort zone !  continue reading  ▶

Volleyball Game


For the last couple of years I have been on many volleyball games of Plusliga, but I have never been on games where national teams play. I was very happy when I had to watch the game live.

We just got back from Greece , where I purchased this amazing handmade leather bag! The shop belongs to a very friendly family in the center of Agios Nikolaos, Crete. Check their facebook page here.

You will find more pics below.  continue reading  ▶