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Interview with fashion designer Sylwia Majdan



Picture by Adam Fedorowicz

Stylist Agnieszka Ogrodniczak

Sylwia Majdan is a Polish fashion designer. She graduated economics on Szczecin’s University and fashion designing the Strzemiński University of Fine Arts in Łodz. Her passion for designing coincided with the job that she does at present. In 2004 she became a semi finalist of the prestigious contest called “New Look Fashion Oscars”.

In her atelier she creates unique designs however as she says everybody will find something suitable. Her amazing world of fashion is full of unusual shades, feminine shapes and sexy styles. Her attitude towards the fabric cutting and exquisite tailoring establish a clear connection of Sylwia Majdan brand with a top class quality and elegance.

The best quality of fabrics and the creations which are also top quality have been accentuating the beauty of the feminine silhouette for years. Looking at them makes you want to touch them. Touching them makes you want to wear them.


Please introduce yourself. Where are you based? What is your educational background?

My studio is based in Szczecin, Poland. I graduated from economics and marketing at Szczecin University and fashion designing at Strzemiński University of Fine Arts in Lodz.


Do you think you have always been interested in designing clothes?


When I was a young girl I didn’t sew, but I changed my colleague’s clothes sometimes, maybe even a little against their will … (laughter). But my interest in fashion started, when I was working as a fashion model and I could see fashion shows from backstage.




How did you manage to launch your own fashion line? What were the biggest challenges?


It was a long time ago. I use sewing rooms. We start with creating prototypes in our studio, then we send them with patterns and contract out sewing in sewing rooms. The biggest challenge is to manage all people, including trainee to dressmakers and also contractors.


Tell us about collections.


Femininity, femininity and femininity. Female is above all. Each of us, women, has got some trifles and imperfections. I listen to women’s needs and I creat fashion, which I can truly wear.



How do you want women to feel wearing your clothes?


I want them to feel aware of their unique value​ and elegance with a touch of nonchalance. I make mostly useable fashion and most women will find something for themselves.


Where do you find inspirations for your designs?


I find my inspirations in daily life. I am also inspired by music, nature, sometimes conversation with an ordinary man. Nowadays I’m having very creative days, I am full of ideas, which I put down in writing. I’m trying to travel a lot, which is another perfect inspiration injection.


What are your favorite fabrics to work with and why?


Our collections are divided into basic and premium one. Constructing the former is based on knitwear, knitwear with silk or elastane, which are truly graceful during summer. The latter is based on materials like viscose, wool. I don’t have one favourite fabric, this year my heart is absorbed with laces.


Tell us about your color scheme.


It is quite different. I like white, black and different grey shades, but I really do like pastel colors. Everything depends on my mood. Woman is changeable – atmosphere, weather, mental state and current life moment – all these things have a great impact on us.


Tell about your next collection. Where can readers buy your clothes?


Our next fashion show will take place in Warsaw in the end of September. Protruding forms, khaki, navy, grey and burgundy colors, characteristic pockets and holes – that is what I am going to show. For shopping I recommend online store ( I would like also to invite you to see what is going on with our brand – new arrivals, sales. Therefore join as on Facebook and Instagram – (http:/,


What do you find the most rewarding about designing?


I think that it is the moment, when you see women on the street wearing your clothes. The most rewarding is that she loved the model, the fabric and the color so much, that she wanted to spend her money and dedicate her time on fittings.The fact that there are more women that re incredibly motivating.


What is your most spectacular fashion moment so far?


It is very hard question. I think that success has got many aspects. Many people, many workers are working for the final effect. In my private life the biggest success is my son and in working life I’m still waiting for the biggest success.


How do you see the future of your brand? What is your next step?


I would like to enlarge Sylwia Majdan brand recognition. We are going to prepare special limited Christmas collection and then start creating new Spring/Summer collection.


What does fashion mean to you?


The fashion for me above all is a manner to express yourself , emotions and character. It is not only the passion, but also a lifestyle.


How would you describe your personal style?


A bit mixed. I like simple, classic styles with a modern elegance. What I wear usually depends on my mood.


Please check Sylwia`s Online store.

Fanpage on Facebook is here .




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