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Reed Fashion



As Lady Gaga sings in one of her songs: “a girl is just as hot as the shoes she choose” . This is the truth. Ladies these days are obsessed with shoes. I found the online store where you can buy brands like  Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin and Charlotte Olympia in a friendlier price!

Check the interview with Chris Reed,the owner of the Reed Fashion below and enjoy it!


Please introduce yourself. Where are you based?

My name is Chris, and I’m 25 years old. I started and run Too Many Shoes, a fashion webstore, which has designer fashion items in new and used condition. I have purchased these items from fashion trade shows. I am based in England, United Kingdom.


Do you think you have always been interested in fashion?

I haven’t always been into fashion. I was influenced by past relationships and started to enjoy it. I like how art and fashion is combined to produce spectacular pieces of clothing and accessories.




How did you manage to launch your own webstore? What were the biggest challenges?

I managed to launch my own webstore, by purchasing several designer high heel shoes, such brands as Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin and Charlotte Olympia, from working extra hours at my job. I wanted to provide designer items to people that would really appreciate them. The biggest challenge I faced was what styles woman would like.


Tell us about Too Many Shoes.

Too Many Shoes fashion webstore contains designer fashion items, ranging from high heel shoes, boots, bags, clothes and accessories. All items are 100% authentic. I provide excellent customer service, in comparison to what you would receive in-store from the top fashion designer brands.


What was the best career advice you have ever received?

To research and plan before attempting anything. Obtaining knowledge in something you wish to pursue before pursuing it is important in order to maximize the chances of being successful. I did a lot of research around the fashion industry as I have witnessed a lot more replica items now, so I needed the knowledge of how to tell the difference between authentic items and replica items, so people knew they would always be receiving guaranteed authentic items.



What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion, to me, is a way to express your own personality and feelings into physical forms of clothing and accessories. I like the way fashion can have many forms, such as; to impress peers or to feel happy, relaxed and comfortable.


How would you describe your personal style?

 I would describe my own personal style as classic and smart. Some of my favorite brands include; Armani, Gucci, Ray Ban, Prada, Thompson’s Italy, Daniele Alessandrini. In woman’s fashion, I think high heel styles such as Jimmy Choo Anouk are amazing, styled with classic and smart, fitted clothes and accessories.


 How do you see the future of Too Many Shoes?

Currently Too Many Shoes is a hobby alongside my main job. I hope in the future Too Many Shoes can grow and receive more recognition. The most important thing to me, is to keep the main values of why I started Too Many Shoes and to make a lot of people happy.


 What are your favorite words to live by?

To be happy and enjoy life. Try to be the best role model in life as you never know who you can and will influence for the better.


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