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Interview with stylist Zofia Maria Slotala


Could you please introduce yourself? Tell us about your background?

Hi! My name is Zosia Slotala and I’m a freelance stylist based in Poland.

How did your fashion adventure begin?

I guess I was always interested in fashion, ever since I was a small girl I remember dressing up and trying to get creative with clothes. However the first time when I was introduced properly to the fashion world was at the 15, when I began modeling, this ended with my university choice, which was Istituto Europeo di Design, fashion Stylist course. I knew I had to concentrate on one path in order to gain as much as a could from it… therefore I decided to choose to study and become a stylist.


What inspires you?

I believe you can find inspiration in everyday life, weather its the street art you pass by, the food you eat or movie you watch. I find a lot of inspiration during my travels… each time you explore and discover something new, new tastes, new culture, new colours… it’s what keeps me breathing. 🙂



Tell us a bit more about your everyday job as a stylist?

As a freelance stylist every day looks different, which is something I absolutely love about my job. I dress three Polish celebrities, style editorials for magazines and host a short morning tv show where I look for upcoming Polish fashion designers. On top of that I am the brand manager of a Polish brand called Just Paul, clothes for confident women who like to be sexy in a sophisticated way!


How would you define your personal style?

That’s always a very hard question! 🙂 I guess the key is to know your silhouette and know what you look good in. I do follow trends however not blindly, it’s a very personal thing, you have to feel weather it fits you or not… although there are certain things I have a weak spot for like sequins, Giuseppe Zanotti heels or long 60’s skirts 🙂

What is your little secret when it comes to putting clothes together and what is your main concern whenever you dress up?

I have a system 🙂 Always before putting together a styling I choose one piece of garment that I want to wear and I build the whole styling around that one thing weather its a pair of heels, belt, top or dress.


What has been your most memorable photoshoot and why?

Straight after coming back from Milan I was the assistant of editor-in-chief of Viva!Moda, Agnieszka Scibior, who is the absolute guru stylist in Poland. I assisted her during a photoshoot where the photographer was Marcin Tyszka, who is known for his shoot for Vogue, L’officiel ect. I dreamed that one day I could style a shoot where Marcin would be the photographer… and a year later exactly that happened. We shot a famous Polish actor, it was a momerable editorial for me… and the Balanciaga trench, worn by the actor was to die for 🙂



In what magazines do you publish your works?

Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Gala, Viva, press on the polish market.

What was the best career advice you have ever received?

Recently, I had a chance to meet Mr. Kenzo Takada, during our tete-a-tete, I asked him whether working with young designers is the right direction for a stylist. He looked at me and asked if the work makes me smile? I said yes, he nodded and said: “You should do what your heart tells you, it’s always the right path”. I believe its a very japanese approach however the Kenzo’s charisma and energy convinces me 100% that’s that is what everyone should do.


Tell us more about your closet? What do you have most? Shoes ,bags, or dresses?

My closet is very colorful and shiny 🙂 There is an order however! You will find sequins, fur, long dresses and also sneakers, a hipster hat and a black leather jacket. You never know how you will feel waking up, therefore you need all possible options 😉 I have to admit I have a weakness for shoes… there are over 60 pairs in my closet.


The best city to shop and some of your favorite trendy boutiques?

I enjoy shopping in Paris where I adore L’Eclaireur and all the small shops on the Marais. Also Milan is one of the favourites, maybe because I came to discovering it very well while living there. Milan hides all sorts of outlets, the most famous one, D Magazine, placed just off Via Montenapoleone and sometimes has the craziest outfits there! This summer I discovered the Luisa Via Roma shop in Florence, which has all the designers that you can find on-line. I think the buyer for LVR does a fantastic job!



Do you have any other passion than fashion?

Of course! I love Opera… which is often the reason for the travels, because I like going for certain operas all over Europe and I’m lucky enough to be able to do that. In contrast to the elegance of Opera, I likewakeboard, which is becoming more and more popular in Poland. I also ski and dance.


What is next for you?

Expect the Unexpected 🙂 I am person that never closes herself to only one avenue in life… therefore I don’t know where I will be in year or 5. However I do know that I can’t live without fashion!




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