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Interview with make-up artist Anna Nykiel


Instagram : @annanykielmakeup

Facebook: Anna Nykiel Make Up 

What are the make-up trends for Spring/Summer 2017?

From what I am already acquainted with, when it comes to trends in 2017 it is definitely the graphic line, but  made by a crayon  with all kinds of glitter; classic, meaning smokey eyes and as most of you already know, we have entered the sphere of Korean beauty, that is natural and healthy looking complexion. At the same time we cannot forget about the lips, which I suppose will keep on dominating in the colors of burgundy and wine.

 What are your make-up must haves?

My must-have in make up is the perfect eyebrows, because eyebrows define the shape of  the face. Even when we underline them gently with special products, to darken them a little bit, it always gives some effect and emphasizes their shape. The second thing will be the highlighter, because I do not like when my face looks flat.

 What is the best make-up on a date for a Women`s day?

From my point of view, it would be a highlighted skin, perfectly prepared, because then  man can see us up close, we need to look our best, of course, it goes without saying, using a highlighter. Then well underlined eyebrows and perfectly drawn lips; eyelashes should look naturally, one can  stick some tufts to make them thick, and the inner corner of the eye I would highlight with the same products used earlier for the cheeks.

What inspires you?

Certainly the sphere of blogs and vlogs inspire me a lot, to that comes Instagram, make up leaders, meetings with people from beauty industry, the daily tracking of all well known make up artists, fashion shows, magazines etc.

What are your favorite beauty tricks?

For sure I will return again to the highlighter, I put it on the Cupid’s bone, what creates the illusion of enlarging of the upper lip, it becomes more convex and looks very natural and fresh. I think that a trick of every woman must be a well done make up.



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