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Travel with Style


You will never see so many new people in one place as in the airport. We are waiting for check in?, leaving our luggages? , standing in the waiting lines and what can we do during that time ? Well, we either stare in our phones or at other people. ✈️✈️✈️ I personally love to be inspired by someone else’s fabulouse sense of style in the airport, because this is truly the place where one can show it. The airport is making you to mix something you are very comfortable in with something that can make a statement in your whole outfit. It can be a hat or a scarf , sunglasses , a bag and so on. I found some stylish looks celebs were wearing for their flights ! Take a look and be inspired and don’t be afraid to experiment, because a lot of people will see it and who knows, maybe you will make someone to wear brighter colors or get out of his or her comfort zone !  continue reading  ▶

Kourtney Kardashian`s Personal Style


In my opinion KK is one of the most stylish  ladies. Below I present you some of my favorites Kourtney`s looks. She is very natural in comparison to her sisters and women in the entertainment industry. Her style has become more brave  since the break-up, but as I always say, bad times bring best opportunities. Looking your best is always the best revenge!

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Modern Mustard



I went through Lookbook outfit looks the other day and this beautiful lady caught my eye! I don`t think that you will see a lot of people on the street wearing clothes in mustard color. I find this look so inspiring !

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