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Interview with stylist Zofia Maria Slotala


Could you please introduce yourself? Tell us about your background?

Hi! My name is Zosia Slotala and I’m a freelance stylist based in Poland.

How did your fashion adventure begin?

I guess I was always interested in fashion, ever since I was a small girl I remember dressing up and trying to get creative with clothes. However the first time when I was introduced properly to the fashion world was at the 15, when I began modeling, this ended with my university choice, which was Istituto Europeo di Design, fashion Stylist course. I knew I had to concentrate on one path in order to gain as much as a could from it… therefore I decided to choose to study and become a stylist.

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Reed Fashion



As Lady Gaga sings in one of her songs: “a girl is just as hot as the shoes she choose” . This is the truth. Ladies these days are obsessed with shoes. I found the online store where you can buy brands like  Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin and Charlotte Olympia in a friendlier price!

Check the interview with Chris Reed,the owner of the Reed Fashion below and enjoy it!


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Interview with fashion designer Sylwia Majdan



Picture by Adam Fedorowicz

Stylist Agnieszka Ogrodniczak

Sylwia Majdan is a Polish fashion designer. She graduated economics on Szczecin’s University and fashion designing the Strzemiński University of Fine Arts in Łodz. Her passion for designing coincided with the job that she does at present. In 2004 she became a semi finalist of the prestigious contest called “New Look Fashion Oscars”.

In her atelier she creates unique designs however as she says everybody will find something suitable. Her amazing world of fashion is full of unusual shades, feminine shapes and sexy styles. Her attitude towards the fabric cutting and exquisite tailoring establish a clear connection of Sylwia Majdan brand with a top class quality and elegance.

The best quality of fabrics and the creations which are also top quality have been accentuating the beauty of the feminine silhouette for years. Looking at them makes you want to touch them. Touching them makes you want to wear them.

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