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Roanne Othman

02_Roanne Othman Interview


We all know, fashion is not just about creating something to wear, it is about creating an idea. And today I want to present on the blog a creative mind behind the couture brand for women, named Roanne Othman The owner and designer Roanne Othman is a powerful combination of passion, beauty and knowledge, she is aiming very high and is a great role model for young designers. Enjoy the interview!

Please introduce yourself. Where are you based? What is your educational background?

I’m Roanne Othman, Managing Director & Designer at my own couture-for-everyday womenswear brand. I graduated from the London campus of Istituto Marangoni, the Italian fashion and design institute, and am currently based in Istanbul.


Do you think you have always been interested in designing clothes?

As far as I can remember, my passion started around the age of seven. Although I took the decision at a very young age, I didn’t let it distract me from the other subjects at school, to which I paid equal attention. In fact, during my teenage years, I even developed an interest in the political history of 20th Century Europe. So I consider it an obsession of a healthy kind.

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