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Haircut Inspiration


No doubt that I am a cool client, mainly because I always know exactly what I want. To my hairdresser I come prepared, with pictures, ideas, inspirations. Every time I want to change something in my hair style , whether it’s a length or a bang, I visit Klaudiusz Iciek if I am in Krakow, he is the owner of In my opinion, in Krakow, he is the best, so I can honestly recommend him. I can even say, that after he cuts my hair , they grow faster! It’s true !

Vitamins for winter



Let`s start 2017 with post about health.  It is a winter time and vitamins are vital. I want to show you how I keep myself healthy. So I drink Omega 3 twice a day, in the morning and before sleep, plus a lot of vitamin C, also twice a day. I take two tablets of collagen in the morning. That`s it!

My Beauty Routine


Here are the products from Babor that I use. I like this german brand, because it provides an amazing quality. Intensifier Refreshing Foam Mask I usually use about twice a week, I love to put it for the night  and it soaks in,so in the morning I feel very fresh. CLEANSING CP HY-ÖL and CLEANSING CP Photoactive Base I use every day for taking off the makeup, you should add one to another, plus mix it a little bit with water and with massage moves put on the face. The texture of your skin will be very soft. My under eye cream is also from Babor and I use it in the mornings and for nights, it is very important to take care of your skin form young age, especially skin under eyes!

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Long Hair Trend


Super long hair has been for many years Naomi’s signature look. Currently a lot of celebs are obsessed with very long hair styles. Take a look and be inspired!

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