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Haircut Inspiration


No doubt that I am a cool client, mainly because I always know exactly what I want. To my hairdresser I come prepared, with pictures, ideas, inspirations. Every time I want to change something in my hair style , whether it’s a length or a bang, I visit Klaudiusz Iciek if I am in Krakow, he is the owner of In my opinion, in Krakow, he is the best, so I can honestly recommend him. I can even say, that after he cuts my hair , they grow faster! It’s true !

Vitamins for winter



Let`s start 2017 with post about health.  It is a winter time and vitamins are vital. I want to show you how I keep myself healthy. So I drink Omega 3 twice a day, in the morning and before sleep, plus a lot of vitamin C, also twice a day. I take two tablets of collagen in the morning. That`s it!

My Beauty Routine


Here are the products from Babor that I use. I like this german brand, because it provides an amazing quality. Intensifier Refreshing Foam Mask I usually use about twice a week, I love to put it for the night  and it soaks in,so in the morning I feel very fresh. CLEANSING CP HY-ÖL and CLEANSING CP Photoactive Base I use every day for taking off the makeup, you should add one to another, plus mix it a little bit with water and with massage moves put on the face. The texture of your skin will be very soft. My under eye cream is also from Babor and I use it in the mornings and for nights, it is very important to take care of your skin form young age, especially skin under eyes!

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Long Hair Trend


Super long hair has been for many years Naomi’s signature look. Currently a lot of celebs are obsessed with very long hair styles. Take a look and be inspired!

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Keratin Hair Treatment



 I want to share with you my experience of keratin  hair straightening treatment. I have never colored my hair, except for the fact that Daniel (my hair stylist and dear friend) has lightened some parts, but it is almost invisible and seems like a touch of the sun and it looks very natural.

 Anyway, back to the treatment, so I have to say, that it was the first time I did keratin straightening and my goal was to keep hair healthy and beautiful, because I was just about to travel to a hot country , where the sun is all day long and I wanted to avoid dry hair, also the biggest plus of keratin hair treatment is that all you need to do after it is just wash hair and not waste time on styling it, no blow-dry is needed. Now I use special shampoo and conditioner, namely True Keratin Shampoo and conditioner from the same brand, it is more than enough to keep hair in a healthy shape.

 I did the treatment in Claudius beauty salon in Krakow, it took around three hours. The keratin they are using in the salon was not smelling and I had no allergy reaction on it later on. On of the cons of this treatment is namely the fact that one cannot wash its` hair in two days after treatment and should not touch hair too much or do ponytails, but believe me, it is doable.

 If you have any questions,please,write in the comment section below or write me via contacts. 🙂