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Spa No.5 Beauty Salon



SPA No.5 Beauty Salon

The phrase “I need a SPA day” has already been playing in my  head for a really long time. That is why when I had such an excuse to treat myself on my 23d birthday to do nothing and to go to SPA , I decided that “I worth it”. I was lucky to spend relaxing time in SPA No. 5 on the 6th of May. It was my first time there, I can say that the salon is airy and very modern, full of bright natural colors, when it comes to decor. It is  located in Double Tree hotel by Hilton which accommodates guests from all over the world, therefore the service is on a very high level.

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Eyebrows styles no-no


I have noticed that many young girls and even some grown women do the same mistakes when it comes to eyebrows. They do all possible and impossible things with them,but not let them grow naturally. It is enough to go once a month or even once per two months to beauty salon to correct a little bit a shape of your eyebrows, in Poland it can cost maximum 20 zl, believe me, everyone can afford it and look great. I just do not get all the experiments women are ready to do with their eyebrows when it is so easy to take care of them. All beauty salons have this service and it is impossible to screw it.

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Hair Care



Today I want to share with you my favorite hair product. It is Hair Serum Drops enriched with Argan Oil. I bought it in Israel, but I think you can also buy it online.  Read more information about it on the official site of Sea of Spa here.