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Middle Fingers Up


Here is the list of songs that puts me in a better mood. I strongly believe that the only thing that woman must do is to carefully protect her positivity and do not let anyone or anything to destroy it.

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All For Body Catering



Currently I am obsessed with a healthy lifestyle. I work out a lot and eat healthy, but I am sure that everyone can agree with the fact that in order to eat healthy one should make an effort. First of all because to go shopping for food every single day is quite time consuming, secondly, to count calories  is tiring and finally to come up with new ideas of healthy meals is not that easy. Unfortunately our hectic schedules very often make us  eat at restaurants or  cafés. And those who dedicate a lot of time on workouts simply have no right to let themselves eat junkies, otherwise the hard work is a waste of time. There is no such a thing to have a great body without a proper diet.

Luckily there are catering companies that are focused on delivering healthy meals wherever the customer is. In Krakow I can recommend All For Body .  The company offers a personal training program as well as a big range of  healthy meals. Whatever your goal, the highly skilled personal trainers at the All For Body are on hand to help you achieve this goal.

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All For Body



Summer is here and it is time for a beach body workout! Girls usually ask me how do I keep my body fit? Well the answer is : I workout at least 4 times a week and run all day from one university to another( my cardio 🙂 )  ! But honestly I don`t feel like myself if I don`t  exercise- it`s part of my routine. From as far back as I can remember, I have always been very sporty.

I decided to show you some of my favorite exercises with the All For Body team!

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